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Do you exercise, go to the gym whenever you can, and follow a strict diet but the results are just not satisfactory? Perhaps it’s time to consider a non-invasive slimming treatment that lets you eliminate unwanted fat pockets that don’t respond to diet and exercise. With just a few sessions, you’ll be able to achieve the body you’ve been working hard on for months. contouring procedures, it can be hard to know which treatment is the best for your body and goals.

Radio Frequency Skin Slimming

RF slimming is another term that refers to a radio frequency treatment for weight loss. It’s basically a non-surgical method of tightening your skin.

RF waves are a form of radiation considered as one of the calmer variants on the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio frequency helps with slimming the body by safely producing heat which can penetrate the skin’s deep layer and trigger it to produce more elastin and collagen. The RF waves also force fat cells to break down and release liquid fat, causing them to shrink and contract. This helps you achieve tighter skin for a slimmer and more contoured figure.

It’s safe and non-invasive nature is the primary reason why radio frequency treatment is popular for weight loss. It’s basically fat removal without surgery or downtime.

It works wonders on the face, too. Radio frequency face slimming is a favorite among people who want to enhance their appearance without going under the knife, with its proven ability to non-invasively contour the face and create toned, firm, and youthful-looking skin. It’s no wonder that RF for face slimming in the Philippines has become increasingly popular in recent years. Radio frequency face slimming is especially suitable for targeting loose skin on the chin and neck. It’s also effective against lines and wrinkles that develop between the mouth and nose. A warm and pleasant sensation is felt while the RF waves generate the therapeutic massaging action that stimulates the fat and dermis layers. During the procedure, you only feel a gentle vibration as the RF waves penetrate fat tissue. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort. In fact, many clients describe the treatment as a tingly and pleasant massage.

Any part of the body that needs to be firmed or tightened including loose skin on the face, neck, tummy, thighs, arms, and back. After every session, you will notice a positive change in your skin’s appearance. RF slimming benefits also include long-lasting skin tightening and body contouring.

After ultrasonic cavitation, you should be able to stand up and drive yourself home.

Pain and bruising are usually minimal. You’ll be instructed to hydrate as much as possible after the procedure to help your body flush the fatty cells through your lymphatic system.

But don’t expect to see results right away. Right after your appointment, your body might feel puffy or swollen. It takes time for your body to break down and dissolve the fat cells that have been dislodged.

You may also require repeated treatments to see visible results. Most candidates for this treatment see their final result within 6 to 12 weeks. On average, treatment requires 1 to 3 visits for visible results.

Results of this treatment are permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, fat deposits may return to areas that have been treated.

Love handles, sagging skin, or cellulite on areas like the tummy, thighs, or buttocks are common occurrences for women, since these areas are where the female body tends to store fats. Sagging skin is also caused by how female bodies naturally distribute fat, muscle, and connective tissue. Additionally, up to 90% of women will experience cellulite formation at some point in their lives.
The good news is, non-invasive radio frequency treatments for weight loss are proven to help people achieve the slimmer, tighter bodies that they want — without any risk of permanent skin damage. Unlike risky surgical fat reduction methods, this is an extremely safe, painless, and effective option for people wanting a firmer and more toned body.

Reduces body fat
RF slimming treatments use radio frequency to reduce subcutaneous fat. Radio frequency energy heats fat cells, melting them down so they can be processed through your body’s natural elimination process. This makes it a safe fat reduction treatment even for those with sensitive skin. As the procedure doesn’t introduce anything foreign to the body, there’s no chance of getting an infection or bruises.

Diminishes the look of cellulite
Cellulite is persistent subcutaneous fat that causes the skin to dimple, especially on women’s thighs and hips. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissues beneath your skin.
Treatments that use radio frequency for weight loss target subcutaneous fat by releasing RF waves under the skin. The RF waves tighten tissues and increase blood circulation, which ensures that fatty deposits are drained through your lymphatic system. The result is a reduced appearance of cellulite.

Non-invasive fat reduction option
As RF slimming is non-surgical, all you have to do is lie down comfortably, and let the radio frequency waves do all the hard work for you.
Have a full schedule? Radio frequency treatments for weight loss help you lose stomach fat, reduce arm fat, and trim down thick thighs in under 30 minutes per session. There’s no downtime required, so you can even do it during your lunch break!

Perfect for Post-Operative Smoothing
Unfortunately, some people who underwent fat reduction surgery such as liposuction are often left with loose and sagging skin. Radio frequency treatment tightens skin to help your body achieve a more sculpted appearance. It provides an even result without surface irregularities.
With the completion of a full RF slimming treatment course, you will enjoy long-lasting body contouring and skin tightening.

Achieve a More Youthful Appearance
As you get older, your skin cell regeneration process slows down and decreases, which leads to loss of elastin and collagen. This contributes to loose and sagging skin.
Aside from boosting collagen, RF slimming treatments stimulate the protein fibers that keep your skin elastic, so your body achieves a more youthful appearance

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