Exploring Lip Enhancement Options: Fillers, Flips, and Blushing – Which Suits You Best?

Interested in enhancing your lips but still trying to decide the best approach? This guide will help you understand the distinctions between lip fillers, lip flips, and lip blushing, considering your natural lip shape, desired outcome, and budget.

Lip fillers are designed to add volume, while lip flips and lip blushing create the illusion of fuller lips. A lip flip could be the solution for correcting a gummy smile, while lip blushing is ideal for defining the lip line and adding a hint of colour.

Lip Filler:
Lip fillers involve injecting hyaluronic acid to plump and define the lips. They offer a progressive build-up in size for a natural look and can correct lip asymmetry, enhancing facial youthfulness. Lip fillers can also restore lip size, reshape lips and smooth lines, and elevate confidence. Results vary by filler type, lasting from six months to two years. The procedure is painless due to numbing before injections.

Lip Flip:
A lip flip uses botulinum toxin injections in the upper lip to create an upward ‘flip,’ offering a fuller appearance without increased volume. It’s particularly effective for those with a gummy smile or inward-turning upper lip. The process involves botulinum toxin application by a skilled injector, taking effect within 7-14 days. The top lip looks fuller in just a week or two. More budget-friendly than fillers initially, botulinum toxin’s effects last 3-5 months. The quick, ten-minute procedure delivers immediate results. Combining a lip flip with fillers can enhance lip size and adjust the upper lip’s positioning.

Lip Enhancements
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