“I have been using the hCG protocol [in our Reshape program] for the last 10 years in my practice and helped thousands of patients lose weight. In the process they are guided on how to stabilize their weight as well as change their lifestyle to prevent weight gain and subsequent yo-yo effect.” – Dr Heyns

Why Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)?

Dr ATW Simeons, a decorated English physician, discovered the use of hCG in treating overweight and obese patients while working in Rome. He was treating boys with undescended testes with high dosages of hCG and found that they all lost weight. Dr Simeons also observed that pregnant woman that were starving gave birth to fairly normal weight babies. That led him to postulate that in the presence of hCG and a very low calorie diet, the body will use unwanted fat as a source of energy. In the case of pregnant woman it would be to protect the baby.

This discovery led him to write a manuscript called “Pounds And Inches”.

Since then there have been thousands of patients worldwide that have benefited from this discovery.

How does the Reshape Program work?

The program starts with a consultation with the doctor in order to rule out any medical reasons for your weight gain and to establish a plan for you going forward.

The Reshape plan consists of three phases namely the preparatory period followed by the treatment phase and the very important stabilization period.

You could expect to lose the most weight in the first 12 weeks and you can continue for longer if needed. If you need to lose a lot of weight the treatment can be interrupted with a break consisting of the maintenance plan for 4 weeks.
The result of the program is weight loss (fat loss), increased energy and an improved mood and sleeping patterns.

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