Discover the Rejuvenating power of Botulinum Toxin

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Botulinum Toxin
Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin Injections – This is a simple, non-surgical aesthetic procedure that smoothes facial lines caused by wrinkles and active facial expression. One 10 minute – treatment with a very fine injection will relax the facial muscles that cause those lines to form and keeps them relaxed for up to four months. For many men and woman Botulinum toxin injections virtually erases these lines and dramatic results are apparent within a few days from receiving the treatment. Thousands of appearance-conscious woman and men from all walks of life already discovered the benefits of Botulinum toxin injections.

Unlike surgery, Botulinum toxin injections are minimally invasive, simple, requires no recovery time, and conveniently fits even the busiest schedule. At Dr. Heyns, we use only top-quality Botulinum toxin injections ensuring the best results with all treatments done at our medical aesthetic clinic.

We take all three factors into consideration that are relevant to the progressive formation of unsightly neck and facial wrinkling: muscular dynamics, volume loss and skin structure degeneration. Our focus is on balancing and softening, and achieving the most natural results, whilst also knowing when not to treat! Each treatment plan is customised to achieve the result you need and could consist of a single or multiple treatment such as Botulinum toxin injections, Dermal fillers, chemical peels, micro needling, carboxy, light-based treatments and radio frequency.

Botulinum Toxin

Medicine and science meet. The result? Treatment that has multiple advantages. As most headaches (including migraines) present with muscular spasm to a more or lesser degree, relief can often be found using Botulinum Toxin Injections in varying doses. A huge benefit of it is that it can be customised for localised treatment to the specific musculature that is affected. And of course, the cosmetic benefit of it is a welcome side effect.

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