Carboxy Therapy

CARBOXY THERAPY (Face and treatment of aging, under-eye circles, stretch marks and cellulite). The treatment is a non-surgical procedure of administering Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas for the effective treatment.

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Carboxy therapy is a proven treatment that enhances skin elasticity, boosts circulation, promotes collagen repair, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and targets localized fat deposits like cellulite and stretch marks. Administered using various techniques, it poses no known risks. By stimulating collagen production, it thickens the skin and reduces the visibility of stretch marks.

A 30-minute Carboxy session not only improves oxygenated blood flow and collagen formation in the treated area but also yields a rejuvenated appearance lasting up to 6 months. Remarkably, it can effectively treat eyelids without leaving any marks and can also address dark circles under the eyes, restoring a healthy pink tone after a series of sessions.

Carboxy therapy does not hurt, bruising is minimal when treatment is administered on the arms, legs, and abdomen. The treatments are spaced one week apart, but the amount of treatments required will depend on the severity of the problem being treated. This is a remarkable procedure that requires no down time and delivers excellent results within 6 to 12 sessions.

Women have tried numerous therapies to eliminate their cellulite., but none of these therapies correct the underlying physiological problems of poor circulation and damaged collagen septae. Carboxy therapy has shown excellent results in eliminating this difficult problem. Carboxy therapy shows that the fat cells are ruptured by the CO2 gas while leaving the remaining skin structures and nerves unharmed, resulting in Collagen remodeling, as well as thickening and smoothing of the overlying skin.

Carboxytherapy for hair restoration involves the controlled injection of small amounts of sterile carbon dioxide into areas of hair loss using shallow injections with a thin needle. This process triggers increased blood flow and oxygen release in the treated area, promoting the nourishment of hair follicles by stimulating active capillaries. Typically lasting about 20 minutes per session, the procedure is performed in a series, with the frequency of treatments tailored to individual needs. Carboxytherapy can complement other hair loss treatments such as mesotherapy.

The only treatment available for both old and new stretchmarks that visibly repairs the broken collagen and is safe for all skintypes. Carboxy therapy causes the formation of new collagen and subsequently thickens the skin to improve the appearance of the stretchmarks while rebuilding the collagen matrix.


After Treatment

effects such as temporary redness, swelling, or a sensation of warmth in the treated area. These effects typically subside quickly, often within a few hours, and rarely require any specific post-treatment care or soothing agents. It’s advisable to avoid direct sunlight or extreme temperatures immediately after the procedure to minimize discomfort and optimize the results. Additionally, maintaining proper hydration and a healthy skincare regimen can support the skin’s healing process and enhance the overall outcome of the treatment. Regular follow-up appointments with the healthcare provider are essential to monitor progress and determine the need for additional sessions based on individual response and treatment goals.



Carboxytherapy has shown promising results in addressing cellulite, stretch marks, and hair restoration. In cellulite reduction, the treatment targets localized fatty deposits, promoting improved skin elasticity and circulation while encouraging collagen repair. This leads to a smoother appearance over time. Similarly, in addressing stretch marks, carboxytherapy stimulates collagen production, thickening the skin and reducing the visibility of stretch marks. For hair restoration, the controlled injection of carbon dioxide stimulates blood flow and nourishes hair follicles, inhibiting hair loss and promoting the growth of stronger, thicker hair. Overall, carboxytherapy offers a non-invasive, effective solution for these aesthetic concerns, with visible improvements observed over a series of treatments.



Carboxytherapy provides a versatile and non-invasive solution for treating cellulite, stretch marks, and hair loss with several key benefits. It improves skin elasticity, circulation, and collagen repair to reduce cellulite appearance. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production to diminish stretch marks and promotes hair follicle nourishment for hair restoration. This therapy is safe, effective, and requires no downtime, offering patients noticeable improvements in skin texture and hair density over time. Overall, carboxytherapy enhances confidence and self-esteem by providing long-lasting results in cosmetic enhancement.



Carboxytherapy, while generally safe and effective for treating cellulite, stretch marks, and hair restoration, does come with certain contraindications that should be considered:

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