IV Infusion Therapy

Whether you seek skin brightening, immune support, or holistic wellness, our treatments harness the potency of intravenous delivery to nourish, heal, and rejuvenate. Embrace a brighter, healthier you as our team of specialists led by Dr. Thys Heyns combines cutting-edge techniques with compassionate care. Reclaim your vitality, rediscover your glow, and embark on a journey to radiant wellness with IV Infusion Therapy by Dr. Thys Heyns. Your transformation begins here.

Glutathione via IV

Infusion therapy for skin brightening involves the administration of Glutathione via IV. Glutathione interacts with the body to promote lighter skin by inhibiting melanin production, resulting in an even skin tone. This process starts internally and yields permanent skin lightening effects, although caution against overexposure to sunlight is necessary to maintain results.

Glutathione acts as a potent antioxidant known as the “Mother of all anti-oxidants.” It is composed of glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine, all of which are natural amino acids beneficial to the body. By inhibiting melanin synthesis, Glutathione disrupts the process of melanin production, contributing to skin lightening effects.

Glutathione serves various functions in the body, including:

The Meyers Cocktail is an intravenous vitamin infusion aimed at enhancing immune function, reducing fatigue, alleviating seasonal allergies, and addressing symptoms of conditions like fibromyalgia and asthma. This cocktail delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing digestive issues and ensuring rapid absorption.

At Dr. Heyns, the Meyers’ Cocktail has been reimagined as the Energy IV, comprising a blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and essential minerals. This infusion offers a perfect boost for combating fatigue, stress, and maintaining optimal health.

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