What happens to us during menopause is essentially caused by hormonal changes and hormonal decline. The ovaries stop producing estrogen. It is the decline in estrogen as well as decreased levels of progesterone and testosterone that is responsible for common menopausal symptoms such as mood swings, night sweats, hot flushes, poor sleep, dry itchy skin and facial redness.

Skin changes during menopause

*Less estrogen makes your skin prone to thinning, sagging and wrinkling.

*Androgens which remain constant may cause teenage like acne and skin oiliness.

*Skin becomes thinner and dryer since there is a correlation between collagen production and skin thickness in the dermis and estrogen. Slowdown of cell turn over and decrease in natural oils exacerbates skin dryness

*Hyper pigmentation is yet another issue. The pigment producing cells called melanocytes are also regulated by estrogen and because skin becomes thinner and lighter, your skin becomes more prone to sun damage.

*Skin redness and rosacea. Hot flushes and sweats may cause skin redness and some women may develop rosacea at this point in time.

How does the Elaine Brennan Skin renewal peeling treatment help menopausal skin?

Skin care is about improving the top layer of skin while helping the deeper supporting layers. We aim to achieve a smooth and vibrant epidermal layer with a firm, toned and elastic support system underneath.

*Our chemical peeling increases new cell production making skin more vibrant whilst boosting the amount of collagen and elastin in the layers beneath the epidermis.

*Our peeling will treat and rectify adult menopausal acne and skin oiliness. Through exfoliation and stimulation of cell division the treatment unplugs blocked pores and allows elimination of blackheads, closed comedones and pustules. In addition, skin oiliness is reduced.

*Our peeling evens the skin’s color bringing deep melasma to the surface in order to permanently remove it.

*Our peeling fortifies fine capillary walls, repairs small broken capillaries and reduces facial redness.

*Our peeling stabilizes the hydro-lipid film at the surface of the epidermis. The treatment results in the establishment of a normal moisture balance which protects the skin.

Fortunately you can relieve some of the skin related effects of menopause by taking care of your specific skin care needs.